Many businesses fail to get their legal ducks in a row

Your legal infrastructure.

In this area, business owners fall victim to “temporal discounting” – not worrying about things which seem a long way. It’s why business owners don’t have:

  • Wills;
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Standard trading terms;
  • Proper loan agreements;
  • Employment contracts; and
  • Written workplace policies.

They know they need them,  but nothing is wrong right now, so there’s no hurry.

Except that when risks "come home" they don’t announce their arrival a month in advance.  The truth is that you don’t know when:

  1. You may pass away;
  2. Your biggest customer will suddenly stop paying you;
  3. The person who you lent money to will claim it was a gift;
  4. An employee will walk out with your intellectual property, top salesman and half of your customers; or
  5. You will find that the employee who left last month was being bullied and now you are being sued.

Our offer is this:

So our offer is this:

  1. You engage us to put all of your legal infrastructure in place over 12 months;
  2. You pay us an initial deposit which will be a percentage of the total fee;
  3. You pay the balance by direct debit in monthly instalments to our trust account;
  4. We do the work as the funds become available; and
  5. When all the work is done and paid for, we remit an amount equivalent to 15% of the total fee to you as a discount.

You get:

  1. all the legal documentation you should have;
  2. smoother cashflow;
  3. a discount; and
  4. when it's all done, then knowledge that you are better prepared than 90% of your competitors.

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