Fixed Fees

Clients do not pay lawyers for their time.

They never have and they never will. Our clients pay us for:

  1. Giving them commercial or personal benefits using legal documents;
  2. Advice on dealing with business or personal situations;
  3. Advice on documents; and
  4. Helping them deal with personal or commercial disputes.

Clients do not care what the law is. They just want their problem solved. Clients don’t want to be told why they can’t. They want to know how they can. And they always want to know what it will cost.

So we bill on fixed fees wherever we can, and some work is always fixed fee.

We are also happy to do work on a retainer where you pay a fixed amount per month for the duration of the work.

If time billing is your thing, we can still do that.

To discuss this further, or to discuss your need for legal solutions, please call on (08) 6180 1959 or email us here.