What do you specialise in?

Commercial Law and Commercial Litigation in Perth. Cameron Clifton of Clifton Legal Group has been practising law in Perth for 22 years. If you have any doubt about whether we can help, it’s always free to call and find out. The best part is that if we can’t assist, we always know who can and will point you in their direction.

Isn’t your service expensive?

Well, it does depend a lot on what you need done. A long court case will be very expensive. Getting a power of attorney drafted won’t be. The important thing to consider is where you might end up if you don’t get the right legal work done, and weigh that up against what it will cost. That will help you to decide based not on “expensive” and “cheap” but on value – whether getting the security for you, your family or your business is worth the cost.

What about fixed fees?

We will try to fix a fee for our work wherever possible so you always know what the cost will be. That means you don’t need to be afraid of picking up the phone to discuss your matter or worry about getting calls and emails from us.

I’ve never consulted a lawyer before. What should I expect?

Don’t panic. We are very used to talking to lay people and one of our most frequent compliments is about how easy we are to understand and how we don’t talk down to people.

How do I prepare to meet you for the first time?

Get a pad, a pen, and any letters, emails or documents which are relevant to your issue, and bring them in for your appointment. That’s the best way to make a start.

Do you do “no win no fee”?

No we don’t. That is mainly something that personal injury lawyers do, which is not one of our areas of expertise.