Your lawyers in Perth

What does it mean when we say we are "Your Lawyers"?

It’s about the relationship we want with you.

When there’s an ugly clash between people, sometimes someone says “You’ll be hearing from my lawyers!!!” Then they angrily google Litigation Lawyers Perth, or Court Lawyers Perth or Business Lawyers Perth or Contract Lawyers Perth and 48 hours later, they’ve “got a lawyer”.

How much better to ring a lawyer direct and say “Hey, it’s John Smith”, and the lawyer says “Hi John, I haven’t spoken to you for a while – what’s up? No Google. No Yellow Pages. No phoning a friend. You’re “lawyered up” all the time, and they know you well.

If you’re a client of ours, that’s what you’ll have. If you’re a new client, that’s what you’ll get.

That’s what “We’re Your Lawyers” means.

Cameron Clifton

CEO & Founder

Cameron Clifton has been practising law for 25 years.  He has worked in both small and large law firms, and in both the city and the country. Cameron is a commercial lawyer and a court lawyer and serves the needs of business clients in the business sphere.  He is an excellent communicator, never uses "legal speak" and is always happy to have a fee-free discussion with a new client over the phone prior to a formal meeting.


  • Bachelor of Laws, University of Western Australia, 1991-1994
  • WA Bar Association Bar Readers Course, 2006

Areas of Expertise

Cameron primarily focuses on commercial law and commercial litigation.  This tends to translate to commercial legal advice, the drafting of legal documents and dispute resolution.  If unsure of whether Clifton Legal Group can assist you, please call - it will not cost you anything and after 25 years in the industry, we can always find someone who can assist you if your issue happens to be outside our area.
  • Court Work
  • Business Partnerships
  • Commercial Legal Advice
  • Contract Law and General Legal Documentation
  • Employment Contracts and Post Employment Restraint Advice
  • Business Buy Sell Agreements
  • Debt Collection
  • Insolvency